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Tips to Avoid Personal Injury Fraud Accusations

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Client With Injury Fraud Accusations
After you suffer an injury, your life turns upside down. You may find that you're unable to work, so medical bills continue to pile up. But even worse is when you experience the additional stress of being accused of committing personal injury fraud.
When you’re accused of personal injury insurance fraud, come armed with facts and witnesses who can help you prove that you have suffered the injuries you claim.

Be Prepared to Persuade the Insurance Adjuster

Insurance providers are very concerned about catching incidents of fraud. In fact, insurance companies across all industries lose $80 billion annually to insurance fraud. The widespread practice known as cash for crash costs insurance providers $20 billion a year. For this reason, when working with an insurance adjuster, you must expect a high level of scrutiny.

Contact Law Enforcement After the Accident

After an accident, you should immediately contact law enforcement. The information that the officer writes down will be your strongest ally when demonstrating that you suffered an accident as a result of actions taken by the defendant.
Unfortunately, police officers often won't visit the scene of all accidents to write a police report. However, if you are injured, you are much more likely to get a response from a nearby police officer. If you do not have a police report, your claim may be placed under greater scrutiny, and you will need to rely more on other forms of proof, such as witness statements.

Track Down Witnesses

Witnesses are a crucial part of many personal injury cases. When multiple unbiased witnesses are able to corroborate your version of the events, you are less likely to be accused of fraud. The best witnesses would be passersby, emergency services, business owners, and other drivers.
Do not rely on friends or family members since they may be seen as biased. If you are able to, try to secure the contact information of any witnesses immediately after the accident. Ask one of them to take a photograph of your injuries and the accident scene while awaiting medical treatment.

Receive Medical Treatment and Write Everything Down

Medical treatment is not only necessary for your own well-being, but it also serves as essential, credible documentation of your injuries. Record everything your healthcare provider says and follow all instructions. Then make sure to write down an account of what happened and any injuries you have sustained after stopping by an emergency room.

Describe Your Injuries Carefully

When describing your injuries, you will want to make sure that you describe them in the most accurate manner possible. If your injury appears exaggerated or nonexistent, you may be accused of soft insurance fraud, which typically involves an inflated claim.
When making claims regarding your injury, remain focused on what you can prove. For instance, if you suffered a particular injury that was documented through your visit to the emergency room, an insurance adjuster may be forced to conclude that the pain you are experiencing is typical of the type of injury you sustained. 

Know the Consequences of Insurance Fraud

One of the consequences of soft insurance fraud is the denial of your claim. While the idea of not receiving compensation for your accident may seem like a severe consequence, it pales in comparison to the complete revocation of a settlement or criminal consequences.

Seek Legal Help

Because of the dangers that come from an accusation of personal injury fraud, you will want a competent professional on your side who can help you seek the compensation you deserve. Scott, Quinlan, Willard, Barnes & Keeshan, L.L.C., has spent decades assisting residents of Kansas fight for their rights. Call us today.


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